A Bit About Us

The Real Life Pups Who Inspire

Many of the dogs that are in the Adventures of Parker the Puli just like Parker are inspired by real life dogs.  Of course


  • Shelby is inspired by Shelby a husky that I once owned

  • Turbo was also a pet Rotti of mine. 

  • Daisy is inspired by a beautiful pup that great friends Lauren & Nick owned. 

  • Tracie has input aspects of her own pets as her Border Collie boy "Bella" Aust Ch Ballyann Colour My World featuring on the front cover of the book of puppies

  • "Sienna" the Papillon on the back cover owned by Kennoway Kennels, SA. 


Parker the Puli

Parker is a curious and unique pup who, just like his appearance, doesn't always fit the norm.  At the beginning of the stories he fights his individuality, but then learns to embrace it and explores how being unique makes him special.  He loves his family and friends!


Turbo the Rottweiler

Turbo the Rottweiler might look big and scary, but he is the nicest pup in town!  He loves playing with his best friend Parker and sharing his toys (as he has a lot of them!). He wants to be a Police Dog just like his dad when he grows up.


Daisy the Basset Hound

Daisy is the sweetest and nicest of Parker's friends, with her love of flowers and making her friends smile.  Daisy brings hope and flowers wherever she goes!


Shelby the Husky

Shelby is always up to something! Whether it's digging up the garden or playing funny tricks, she is always ready for some mischief! Shelby is always keeping her friends on their paws but always apologises as she bats those beautiful baby blues when she's gone too far.


Charlie the Corgi

Charlie is prim and proper and believes that he is The Prince of the Street!  He even has his own throne on his veranda so that he can look over his kingdom, Wattle Street. He is clever and kind, always helping his friends.


New Characters Coming

As the stories grow, so do the friends that we will meet. Look out for some new characters in the next book in the series of The Adventures of Parker the Puli called “Parker goes to the Park”.


The Shepards

Duke the German Shepard is a bully and along with his friends Billie the Tervueren Belgian Shepard and Hans the Anatolian Shepard they make trouble and are never too nice.