Tracie Buckley

I was introduced to pastels as an art medium in 2002, and was mentored by well known local Hawkesbury artists Lyn Mantell  and Taryn Malzard.

With my 40 year background in the pedigree dog world (with my chosen breed being the Border Collie), my commissioned works are mostly dog portraits, drawing on my experience as a dog show judge, breeder and exhibitor to capture my subject's unique expression and breed characteristics. One of my portraits was used in Eva Holderegger Walser's book Australian Cattle Dogs, to illustrate the chapter on Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs.

This venture into the world of children’s book illustrating has stemmed from a long friendship with the author and her family – in fact I first met Fiona when she was just a few months old! I am delighted to be a part of her journey with “The Adventures of Parker the Puli”.