The Adventure Begins with Parker the Puli

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“The Adventures of Parker the Puli” is a place where you can further discover and explore your love of the characters and stories of Parker the Puli.  Find out more about the unique and diverse personality of Parker and his friends and the people who created him.


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The Adventure Begins

With a friendship spanning a lifetime, Fiona and Tracie combined forces in 2020 to create a character that explores and expands on children's thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in their world.  Parker’s adventures relay to every child that they are unique and valued and explore those feelings in a safe environment. By using their love of dogs, Fiona and Tracie’s characters and images began to form and before you knew it Parker and his friends came to life!


Parker in Real Life

The character on the page is inspired by a real life dog, 
Multiple Best In Show Winning
Royal Best In Show Winner
owned and showed by Tullaview Kennels
Bred by Rustufarion Kennels


Book 2 Release

Recently we have released the second book of the Adventures of Parker the Puli Series, Together Friends Always Win


A Bit About Us

A Bit About Us

Our mission at theadventuresofparkerthepuli is to spread the stories of childhood, growth, and learning, as your family enjoys a book with a range of cute pictures and characters to share.

Both Fiona & Tracie have a passion for the optimism and fun of childhood and wanted to capture that in a story that reflected their love for dogs and the bold characters that surround them.


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